Design DIRECTION, Project management & Communications

The designed piece is simply the final product - the outcome of an in-depth conversation between myself and you (the client or team). Below are the most common solutions people approach me to provide. I'm excited to hear what you need. Whether it be building a personal brand, rethinking a space, refreshing an existing brand presence, help with guiding your internal design team, or getting organized by creating a step by step guide to launching your product or service.


You may have a business idea:

  • Where do you start?

  • What is your pitch?

  • What is/are your goal(s)?

  • Where will you be seen, and how?

  • What materials, system, and communication tools give you the confidence to promote your business effectively?

You may need your existing business re-branded:

  • Is your logo dated, somewhat (or incredibly) embarrassing?

  • Have you ever thought about what impression your logo/mark makes on your desired audience?

  • Is your website impossible to update?

  • Are you as tired as your brand?

You may want some fresh materials to promote who you are, what you do, or what you are selling:

  • Starting off in a new market, currently in market and ready to invest in your best image.

  • Working to communicate your message visually is a key component of effective in-market communication.

You may need a tutorial:

  • Bringing someone senior on-board for a short term contract alleviates communication issues between you and your team. Within a short period of time we can identify areas of opportunity: team happiness, efficiency of your current processes (recommended tweaks), archival systems and identifying team members real strengths. Often a communication issue is the biggest barrier, sometimes it is a lack of design and project management skills. Both can be fixed.

  • You want to learn a program and just need someone to show you the basics before jumping into a full set of Skillshare videos.

  • You have no idea how to get your *#$&&^!!! PowerPoint presentation to look better.